Q and A about the Roof of the World Marathon 2018(September 29,2017)


About one hour ago,we received the email from Mr.Howe about the Roof of the World Marathon 2018,we put his questions and our answer here for you.


Question #1:Do you need anything other than a Passport and Chinese Visa to get to the city?
Tibet is not like any other parts of China,as runners,we must be in group to fly from Beijing to Lhasa Tibet with the permit and the official documents.Once you finish registration,you just need to give us your passport and visa,so that we can get your permit proccessed.If you work in China,you also need to offer us your working certificate in China.

Questions #2:Is it possible to go early (to altitude acclimate) and meet you prior to the race (we would pay our own lodging)?
No,it is not allowed,we all must be in group,wherever we go every day in Tibet,we would be checked at the different places.

Question #3:How many runners did you have last year and approximately how many do you expect in 2018.
We had only one USA runner,he was so powerful,he made the best result ever.And please go to our Youtube channel to see him.He is Mr.Frank Wang.
For 2018,we do not mind hwo many runners we would have,and we would even have the race that even there is only one runner,because the runners at the Roof of the World Marathon are the excellent runners in every aspects.We encourage and help the excellent runners to achieve and realize their dreams on the top of the world.

Questions #4:What is an average temperature range in that area in May?
The highest temperature inn Lhasa in May is 20 degree centigrade, and the lowest is 6 degree centigrade, so you would feel the four different seasons during our 8 days in Tibet in its vast region for the race.

Questions #5:Do you have a map of the course or the elevation changes?
You can see from the course map and the elevation of the Roof of the World Marathon 2017.Acutally,our start point is over 5213 metres above the seas level.

Questions #6:Can the airfare and hotel be subtracted from the package fees if I pay for those separately?
You can not pay separately.However,you can follow the same rule that we had for our runner to make the payment for the Roof of the World Marathon 2018.

Questions #7:Is Tibetan currency the same as China mainland?
Yes,it is the same.

Questions #8:Is there any requirements or limits on how early we can arrive or leave after the race?
We all runners are together,and all the time is arranged.The race is not in Lhasa city.It is more than 250KM away from Lhasa.

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And if you could finish the registration before the midnight of September 30,2017 London Time,23 hours from now,we are able to offer you one free hotel room at the 4-star Shenzhou(Beijing)International Hotel that you can overnight on May 1st,2018.

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