A Runner's Question about the Dates of Great Wall of China Marathon 2017(November 20,2016)

It is over 3PM Beijing Time on October 20,2016,and about 20 minutes ago,we received an email from one of our runner who asked the question about the dates for the Great Wall of China Marathon 2017 and below are the questions and our reply:

Good evening,

I am currently researching marathons on the Great Wall of China and have become rather confused. From my research it appears that (besides the Great Wall Marathon on May 20th 2017) there are two dates for the Great Wall of China Marathon – May 1st 2017 and May 13th 2017. As I want to register for a marathon and book my flights, I would appreciate some clarification on this matter.

Kind regards
Y. M.(name ommitted)

And here is our reply:

We are very happy to receive your message.Thank you very much from all our hearts.
You are right,we would have two Great Wall of China Marathon in May 2017.One is on May 1st for the 16th Great Wall of China Marathon 2017 in Beijing,another is a new Great Wall of China Marathon at Jiayuguan,it is over 1500KM away from Beijing in Western China on the Silk Road.The date is on May 13th,2017.
Yesterday,we released the Great Wall of China Marathon 2017 Promotion Video.And please read our detail explanation under the video.
If you register any of the two,we would .......(ommitted).And we are looking forward your signing up now from ACTIVE.COM here,and we would give you the official Confirmation at once.
We are waiting for your registration from now.We are also looking forward to your email if you have anything unclear.We would do our best for you.Best Regards to you and all your family and friends!
Sincerely Most
Zhu Guihua
Founder and Race Director of Great Wall of China Marathon
Founder and Race Director of the Roof of the World Marathon
Founder and Race Director of Guilin Marathon
Founder and Race Director of Xijiang Marathon
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We are the founder and the race director for the unique races below.See you again in any of our Great Wall of China Marathon 2017/2018 along the 5000KM Great Wall,and the Roof of the World Marathon 2017 and the Guilin Marathon 2017 and Xijiang Marathon 2017.

No.1: The 16th Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1st,2017  

(Group discount available)New!

May 1st,2017: Badaling Ancient Great Wall in Beijing        Application fee:250USD or 1625RMB

For the first one above,we just push you,yes,sign-up,and we wait for you till the last minute to come to Beijing.And if you fail to come before October 16,2016,then you would  be automatically transferred to the 16th Great Wall of China Marathon to be held on May 1st,2017.

Have you ever read the news recently that a deepest high-speed train station in the world would be build under the Badaling Ancient Great Wall.By register to run this,you would be lucky to see the working site of the station!

This high speed railway is linking Beijing and Zhangjiakou for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games! Come to run this Great Wall of China Marathon,and take more photos to record the drastic change of China during you run the 16th Great Wall of China Marathon next year,then come to Beijing again in 2022,and then you would see that these region would be highly developed!

Online Application of the Great Wall of China Marathon 2017

And here is the 8 Optional tours of the 16th Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1st,2017:

No.2:The Roof of the World Marathon during May 2-9,2017 in Tibet 

(Group discount available,payment by installments available)New!

Benefit:Pay by Installments for the Roof of the World Marathon 2017(October 2,2016)New! 

Here is the online application of the Roof of the World Marathon 2017,And in this application form,you could see the details of the itinerary from May 2 on May 9,2017.


No.3:The Great Wall of China Marathon on May 13,2017 at Jiayuguan

May 13th,2017: Jiayuguan Great Wall in western China on the ancient Silk Road        Application fee:250USD or 1625RMB

It is only you sign up and make the payment before October 10,2016,you would be able to have the chance to run any of the three Great Wall of China Marathon,including this one!If you fill in the onilne application of this one,you would get a free hotel at Jiayuguan city on May 12,2017,the day before the race!

And if you could not come to China for this third one,then tell us before April 15,2017,we would move back to the 16th Great wall of China Marathon on May 1st,2017,and you can get the free hotel in Beijing on April 30,2017 instead!

The Online Application of the Great Wall of China Marathon at Jiayuguan on Saturday May 13,2017 New!

The first and the relevant news:

Wonderful News:Resume from the Beautiful Day!(September 15,2016)

Run along the Walls of 2,200 Years Ago(Sept.28,2016)New!

No.4:Xijiang Marathon on October 8,2017

The Online Application of Xijiang Marathon on October 8,2017.

No.5:Guilin Marathon on October 15,2017

The Online Application of Guilin Marathon on October 15,2017.

No.7: The 17th Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1st,2018  

(50% discount available:only US$125.00)New!

With the request of some runners,we begin to accept the runners for registering the 17th Great wall of China Marathon 2018.

Online Application of the Great Wall of China Marathon 2018


We have been using the Great Wall of China Marathon Official Website to introduce all our marathon races above,and we also have the new emails convenient for our runners separately:

The Great Wall of China Marathon:

The Roof of the World Marathon:

Guilin Marathon

Xijiang Marathon

And our email that we have been using for more than 16 years also work properly for you all for the application and inquiry of the above marathon races.

By the way, here reference videos of the Promotion Video of Guilin Marathon 2016.

Video on Tudou:

Video on Youtube(two different version):      (Ballet and Runners)      (Runners and Li River)

Location of our races on Map of China

Want to save for your participation of any of the above marathon races?Please apply to become a member of the GREAT WALL UNION.Please click it to have the close look.

If you have any questions during your sign-up any of the above 5 marathon in 2017/2018,please feel free to write email to us or call us.Thank you all very much from all our hearts for your greatest support !

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