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Register Great Wall of China Marathon from ACTIVE.COM(July 18,2016)

After more than three-hour international phonecall,after the communication in the triangle shape in the globle,after the talks with the professional marathon experts in three different countries,and after the statement of the Chinese top organizer of the Great Wall of China Marathon about the history of the Great Wall of China Marathon in the past 15 years,and after the greatest efforts and support by the professional team members.Today,we are very proud to announce that we have already reached the cooperation with ACTIVE.COM

The worldwide runners can register to run the Great Wall of China Marathon 2016-Autumn from ACTIVE.COM,you can search and find us with the keyword "Great Wall of China Marathon",or you can go directly from one of its links here for the registration:


We found that more than 10 different main languages are available for the world runners to register.

There are 90 days to go before the Great Wall of China Marathon 2016-Autumn is open on Sunday October 16,2016,and we would introduce all of our races at ACTIVE.COM to all our world runners from now till the coming years.

We are the founders and race directors of the Great Wall of China Marathon,the Roof of the World Marathon,Xijiang Marathon,Guilin Marathon.Below are the Options and the Online Application for 2016 and 2017.

The Online Application of  the Great Wall of China Marathon 2016-Autumn (Click the picture)

Optional Tours from October 14 to October 21,2016

The Online Application for the 16th Great Wall of China Marathon 2017

Here are the Optional Tours  from April 29 till May 6,2017 for Great Wall of China Marathon 2017

And here is the Online Application of the Roof of the World Marathon 2017.

Here is the official Online Application of Xijiang Marathin 2016: Date:October 2,2016(Sunday)

And here is the Promotion Video of Xijiang Marathon Promotion Video we published on Tudou.

Here is the official Online Application of Guilin Marathin 2016:  Date:October 9,2016(Sunday):

And here is our newly published Promotion Video of Guilin Marathon 2016 .

Video on Tudou:


Video on Youtube:

https://youtu.be/_xdWFMFDXaM      (Ballet and Runners)

https://youtu.be/s9jIwJGiVPE            (Runners and Li River)


We are the founder,the top organizer and race director of all the marathon races in the map.

Want to save for your participation of any of the above marathon races?Please apply to become a member of the GREAT WALL UNION.Please click it to have the close look.

If you have any questions during your sign-up any of the above 5 marathon races in 2016 and in 2017,please feel free to write email to us or call us.Thank you all very much from all our hearts for your greatest support !


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