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The First Confirmation Letter of Guilin Marathon 2015(July 16,2015)

Mr.Nakai is a Japanese working in Shanghai China.Today he became the first runner to get the official Confirmation Letter of Gui;in Marathon 2015.

Mr.Nakai made the application fee 198USD to us yesterday.

And today,we held the talk with the manager of a very nice hotel in Guilin.She is Miss.Tang Caihong.We offered her our first official hotel reservation to her with one single room and one standard room.Mr.Nakai would overnight at this single room at the very nice hotel.The hotel room is free of charge.If you go to book and pay by yourself,it would cost you over 80USD for a room.

We told Mr.Nakai that we have already arranged the free pick-up for him no matter he comes to Guilin by plane or by train.We accept our runners all 24 hours on October 10,2014 whenever you come to Guilin.

We also told Mr.Nakai that he would enjoy the breakfast,luch and dinner free of charge on the race day on Sunday October 11,2015.And our awarding ceremony would held at the dinner time for all the runners on October 11,2015 in Guilin.

This hotel has already become the official hotel of Guilin Marathon,that all our runners would come to pick up their race packets on October 10,and would leave for Li River the next morning for the marathon the next morning.

We still have the hotel rooms available for all the coming participants.If you apply now,you would still get the very nice  hotel rooms,and when the hotel rooms are all seld out,then you would have not any free rooms there at the official hotel.

The breakfast at this hotel is very delicious,they offer the Guilin local Cuisine.The hotel room is also very nice,and managers and the staff of the hotel is very very hospitable!

The hotel has also one-day tour or two-day tour service in Guilin.When you check in,you can make your choice for touring if you like.

If you need us to pick you up and bring to Guilin from  the earby cities,such as Guangzhou.Shenzhen or Hongkong,please let us know early,so that we can make the arrangment for you.

By the way,if you fly from Hongkong to Guilin,it would cost you about 300USD in about 2 hours just in one way.If you use our service,you could save about from 200USD to 400USD from Hongkong to Guilin,and from Guilin to Hongkong.

We are the official organizer of Great Wall of China Marathon(GWCM),we are the official organizer of the Roof of the World Marathon(ROWM),and we are also the official organizer of Guilin Marathon.For your any of your application,please go to this page to fill in the Online Application forms,and we would reply you immediately.


If you have anything unclear or any questions,please feel free to write email to us or call us.Thank you all very much from all our hearts for your greatest support!


Beijing Hotline:+86-15101680346


And here is the Official Homepage of the Roof of the World Marathon(ROWM).



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