Great Wall of China Marathon 2016


No.2 Full Marathon Runner from Columbia(May 19,2015)

Mr.Milton Uribe is a male runner who participated the 14th Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2015.He told us that this is the best marathon that he has ever run.

Mr.Milton Uribe became No.2 at the full marathon for men.He discribed in details to us how he ran the each parts of the Great Walls and what he saw about the runners on the Great Walls and the runners before him and after him.

His girl friend Miss.Veronica Ramirez also ran the half marathon.They both are the very positive runners.They gave us the most constructive suggestion and the most exact and  very useful methods for best checking all the runners at the 15th Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2016.

After the Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,Mr.Milton Uribe and Miss.Veronica Ramirez went to visit the mysterious Tibet.

Mr.Milton Uribe would lead a team to run the 15th Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2016 and he himself would also run the 3rd Roof of the World Marathon from May 2 to May 9,2016.

Next week,we would tell the secret of Mr.Milton Uribe about how to become a happy runner.

Thank you all so much from all our hearts for your greatest efforts on the great walls and your greatest support and your understanding!



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