Great Wall of China Marathon 2015


The Use of Youtube Starts from October(October 2,2014)

As Chinese,we are very happy and very proud that our motherland is on its 65th birthday.Chinese people are all happy for this day not just in this year,but for all the past 65 years.

So as usual,most Chinese people go to travel in the difference areas of China and some even go to travel in the overseas countries.

And the countries who have the most Chinese toursits begin to have their Chinese-language service in the big departments and super markets.We would like to tell you the truth that Japan announced a few days ago that its country accepted more than 4 million overseas tourists this year,and most of them are from Mainland China.

Therefore,China's progress is directly benefiting people all around the world who have the business relation with China.

Chinese people's minds are actually becoming more and more open,and because they have more chance to go outside world any time all these past years,not just in this China's national holidays.

We have not used youtube for more than 4 months,so our last video more than four month ago was a report from China Central Television about the Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2014.You can go to have a look there at our Great Wall of China Marathon Channel at Youtube:

Yesterday,we uploaded a video about the Tiananmen Square October 1,2014,and today,we uploaded a Chinese song sung by Miss.Lin Miaoke,the lovely girl who sang a Chinese song at the Opening Ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games 2008.

The song in the video we uploaded is another song sung by her,and we believe most overseas friends also can quite understand Chinese language,and that song is representing the true and happy feelings of Chinese people.

We are very happy to let you know that Beijing is bidding for the Winter Olympic Games 2022,and Oslo gave up yesterday and they said it would cost a lot of money,and Beijing and another candidate city are bidding together for the right,and we 100% believe that Beijing will win the right to hold the Game,and you would know about this next summer with the first piece of news from Malaysia.

Well,so many many happy things,and we could not help sharing these happy feelings with all the runners who will run the Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2015.So please pay attention to our Youtube Channel!

Below  are  the applications for Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2015 and the Roof of the World Marathon starting from May 2,2015,and the race there would be on May 6 and May 8,2015.We welcome you to apply one of them or both of them.

Here is our testing webpage of the Roof of the World Marathon,also from which you can apply to run in Tibet.

If you have any questions or anything unclear about the application,please feel free to write to us or directly talk with us.We answer you questions in English,Japanese and Chinese languages.We work very hard every day for you.

Beijing Hotline:+86-15101680346

Your efforts are highestly appreciated. Thank you very much for your greatest cooperation!A very happy new week from tomorrow to you all!


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