Great Wall of China Marathon 2015


Visit the Hometown of Mr.Jack Ma after Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2015(Sept.20,2014)

When we say the name Jack Ma to you,I believe the 90% of the world people would not know who this guy is if you would not search the name through internet.

He is the man who became the richest person in China yesterday on September 19,2014.The Japanese businessman Mr.Sun who invested in Mr.Jack Ma's company also became the richest Japanese overnight on September 19,2014.The Japanese businessman's wealth raised 4000 times within 14 years with the business of Mr.Jack Ma.

Mr.Jack Ma was born on September 10,1964,and he failed to pass the exams three times to get into university in China from 1983.Then after he graduated from the university,he became an English teacher,and his salary was just about 100USD.

In 1994,he first visited the United States,at that time,he even did not know how to use computer.Now he has the same ability like Microsoft and Walmart.Mr.Jack Ma is the founder of Alibaba and also the founder of Alipay.

Yesterday in New York,when he accepted the interview by one of American television station,he said he painful decision in the past 14 years was to make the Alipay.Please read our news yesterday about Alipay.

Well,we will not say much about him how he dose his business.Here we would like to tell you that we strongly suggest you to go to visit the hometown of Mr.Jack Ma and listen to how the people in his city talking about him.That is Hangzhou city where he was born.

Hangzhou should be a more familiar name than Mr.Jack Ma.It is the city in our Optional Tours No.7 of the Great Wall of China Marathon 2015.Please read it carefully.

Optional Tours of the Great Wall of China Marathon 2015

We choose the city because it is the most beautiful city in China.Something so exciting is that you could ride the bicycle around the West Lake in Hangzhou as part of the sightseeing that day.Along with the Option 7,you could also see another two  so wonderful cities,Suzhou and Shanghai.So besure to join us with our professional guide.

Below  are  the applications for Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2015 and the Roof of the World Marathon starting from May 2,2015,and the race there would be on May 6 and May 8,2015.We welcome you to apply one of them or both of them.

If you have any questions or anything unclear about the application,please feel free to write to us or directly talk with us.We answer you questions in English,Japanese and Chinese languages.We also work on Sunday tomorrow.

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Your efforts are highestly appreciated. Thank you very much from all our hearts!


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