Great Wall of China Marathon 2015


Great Thank to Sam Chong Group(Sept.12,2014)

Mr.Sam Chong is a greatest marathon organizer in this world today.On May 1,2014,he brought about 100 runners and their families to Great Wall of China Marathon.

Tonight,he wrote to tell us that some of their runners,old and new, would like to come to run the Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2015.

Mr.Sam Chong is not just a great organizer,he is also a great runner.He runs many marathon races all year round in different countries.On May 1,2014,he run the full marathon on the Great Walls.

And one thing also touched our hearts is that on April 30,2014,he came to see us again  at the lobby of the official hotel Shenzhou(Beijing)International Hotel after his over 100 runners finished the registration.

That was dinner time,we were extremely busy all the day,and he realized that we all had not time for dinner,then he himself went out the hotel and bought a lot of JIAOZI for all our staff and volunteers working there.You would never know how gratful we feel.

We here would like to thank Mr.Sam Chong so much,and we would like to express also our greatest thanks to all the runners and family members in Sam Chong Group.

We welcome you all come again,and you all would see a much more wonferful Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2015!

We would here also thank a lot from all our hearts to all the worldwide runners who apply every day.

Below  are the applications for Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2015 and the Roof of the World Marathon starting from May 2,2015,and the race there would be on May 6 and May 8,2015.We welcome you to apply one of them or both of them.

If you have any questions about the application,please feel free to write to us or directly talk with us.

Beijing Hotline:+86-15101680346

Your efforts are highestly appreciated. Thank you very much from all our hearts!


Online Application for Great Wall of China Marathon 2015:

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