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Reply Email from 7 French Runners(January 2,2013)

Almost at the end of today,we got the email from Mr.Despreaux.he made the payment for 7 runners from his family and his friends from France.

He has not submitted us the Application Forms for his group,but he has already made the all the payment first to our bank account in China in RMB Yuan.

They will overnight on April 30,2013,the day before the race.He asked us some questions,which we think would also be the questions most runners would be concerned.Here are the points in our reply.

1)About the Buses:

Our buses with our worldwide participants will depart the Shenzhou(Beijing)International Hotel at 5am on May 1,2013,and the buses will get back to the same hotel the same day at around 8:30 in the evening.

Soem runners maybe hope to go back to downtown Beijing early.With such request from enough runners,we would arrange one or two buses to leave early from the Great Walls.

2)About the luggages:

Since you will overnight at the hotel,so normally,you  can bring your luggages to the front desk when you check out,the staff at the hotel can help to keep your luggages,and you can fetch them at the hotel after you come back from the Great Walls.

3)About the T-shirts.

As for the T-shirts,we have the sizes for children.And we have the different kinds of size for adults,it would be best if you can tell us your sizes are the western size or Chinese size.

Thank you all very much,all our worldwide runners and supporters for your warmest application and your greatest support today from all our hearts!


Countdown of Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2013:        119 days to go


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