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About Your Bank Transfer(Nov.28,2012)

Last Friday,Ms.Wiersma  transfer 1678USD to Bank of China.This is the fee for her and her family to participate the Great Wall of China Marathon 2013 Tours.

Ms.Wiersma told us soon after her transfer in the Netherlands.

We made a phone call in the afternoon of last Friday,the staff at Bank of China told us that it had not come to our bank account,because it is weekend,the staff told us that we might wait for 3 days or 7 days.

About 30 minutes ago,we made the phonecall to the Bank of China again,we told about this,the bank told us that they had received a overseas phonecall about this.

Finally Bank of China found the money 1678USD,and the bank staff told us that your guest has not written  the beneficiary's name Zhu Guihua

The Bank of China asked us to tell Ms.Wiersma that in order to quickly do this well that she should write the beneficiary's name Zhu Guihua again,and write a usage message Private Transfer.

It is Mr.Xu who got the phonecall and answered us above today.

Such mistakes also happened on Mr.Alvaro Silva and his friend from Portugal in August 2012,and also happened on Mr.Krall from Switszerland in October 2012.

From today,when we reply our new worldwide applicants/runners,we will especially mention that they should not miss any info for the application fee or tour fee transfer.

Here thank you very much Mr.Chung Szeto for your fee transfer to Bank of China from Singapore this morning,as soon as it comes to our bank account,we will immediately send the Confirmation Letter and the receipt to you.

We expect our worldwide runners to write email to inform us when you finish the payment.

Thank you all very much,all the whole worldwide runners who applied today for the Great Wall of China Marathon(GWCM)2013.


Countdown of Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2013:        154 days to go


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