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About Great Wall of China Marathon 2011(May 8,2011)

Great Wall of China Marathon  2011 was very successfully held on Sunday May 1,2011.And today Mr.Jason Haidar,one of the participants at GWCM 2011,asked us some questions,here are our answer to him:

1)how many runners this year total? How many for the full marathon? How many for the half?
There are 2158 participants/runners totally at Great Wall of China Marathon on Sunday May 1,2011.They were divided into two groups,Group 1 started at 9am.And Group 2 started at 10am.There were 68 full marathon runners and 63 half marathon runners.
2)what countries were represented this year at the marathon?
The participants/runners at the Great Wall of China Marathon 2011 were from 26 countries and regions: USA,Canada,France,Great Britain,Germany,the Netherlands,Spain,Italy,Maritius,Russia,Ukraine,Japan,South Korea,Hongkong,Taiwan,Macau,the Phillipines,Andorra,New Zealand,Australia,Sweden,Ireland,South Africa,Malaysia,Singapore and China.
3)how many steps did we run!?!
The countable stairs/steps for full marathon is 10259 on the Great Walls,just one way(the 11km mountains road is not included),the countable stairs/steps for half marathon is 4309 on the Great Walls,just one way.So you four have run 8618 countable stone stairs at the Great Walls.
4)how many years have you been organizing the GWCM? Is it always during Golden week?
This is the 10th Great Wall of China Marathon,and we started to plan the Great Wall of China Marathon from September 10,1999.And the first two GWCM were held in late Spetember and early October.After that,we decided to held Great Wall of China Marathon always on May 1 every year during the Golden Week.
5)why this part of the great wall? Any reason?
We have been to almost every parts of the Great Walls in 1990s in China.This is the parts we and most western people feel the most beautiful parts of the Great Walls.And this parts of Great Walls are also regarded by Chinese Great Wall experts the most beautiful parts.
6)what improvements are you thinking of for next year?
We have decided to issue the printed certificates and medals to all the runners as soon as they finish their races at GWCM2012.And the awarding evening ceremony would be held on the Great Walls,the first three runners of each items would be awarded with the trophies and the cups.This year,we only awarded to the No 1 runners.The performance by actors/actress would be enhanced.And we will use the Shenzhou International Hotel. for our worldwide runners,and all our buses would leave for the Great Walls from Shenzhou International Hotel.And on the afternoon of April 30,2012,we would held the Explanation/Introduction Meeting for all the worldwide runners at the largest meeting room at Shenzhou Hotel,Registration would be taken place before and after the meeting.Shower service would be also avalable for all our runners.Work balance would be made for each departments.And we would listen to the opinion and suggestion of all our participants/runners,and improve our work.
7)what would you like to tell people thinking of doing the GWCM?
Come to run the most beautiful parts of the Great Walls of the whole China in Beijing.The great satisfaction and the true smile from the hearts of all our worldwide participants are the highest persuit of the Chinese organizers.The Champion Chips service company is the Chinese No.1  professional company who provides services for Beijing Marathon and Shanghai International Marathon.
All the top media in China included China Xinhua News Agency,CCTV and China Daily reported about Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2011 in Chinese.All the provincial media in China and including the top media in Hongkong also reported Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2011 in Chinese.And the reports can also be found in more than 300 Chinese websites.

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