Great Wall of China Marathon 2014


Get Relaxed for Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2014 (March 7,2014)

Mr.Jon De Leon is an American who was born in Haiwaii USA,he first contacted us on December 12,2014.

It is that day that he sent us the Application form for running the Great Wall of China Marathon,and then he came to Shanghai and made the payment through one of Bank of China branches in Shanghai.

Mr.Jon De Leon actually works in Shanghai China.yesterday,he asked us to book a room at Jinshan Hotel,which is 15-minute walking to the start line of Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2014.

He said in the email to us as below:

Yes I like to come back on the 2nd with the other runners. I no want to rush on race day and I like to rest after the race. I will also be doing a personal video about the race and probely will do that before the race and after the race. So I want to relax and not rush that day. So I will need you to booked a extra day for me on May 1st at the same hotel as you did before. And Yes I will be at Beijing before 2pm for the but for the Great Wall. 

Mr.Jon De Leon will run the full marathon.We then soon reserved a room on May 1 at Jinshan Hotel.Since Mr.Jon De Leon live and work in Shanghai,and he also asked us when we would be back to Beijing,so he could book the ticket from Beijing to Shanghai,we answered him this way:

Nearly all the buses would come back to Beijing on May 1 after the race.On the morning of May 2,it is a group of British runners at about 30 people who would come back to Beijing,I think it is after the breakfast that the bus would depart the Great Walls/Jinshan Hotel.According to the usual experience,when all of you come back to Beijing,it should be the lunch time at around 12,and if you would buy train ticket or plane ticket back to Shanghai,it is best that you book the ticket after 2PM,this would be very safe.

Yes,we think this is one of the good ways to get relaxed and enough rest for running the Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2014.Because the race would start at 6AM on May 1,2014,and this is the first time we do it,and our buses with all the runners who live at the hotels in Beijing will depart from the official hotel of Great Wall of China Marathon at 2:30AM.And it is also very possible that our buses would depart at 2AM because that we are getting more and more worldwide runners to apply every day.

If anyone who would like to be the same as the 30 British runners and Mr.Jon De Leon,who would like to stay 2 days at Jinshan Hotel,please also feel free to write to us,we will help you to get the rooms at once,and you can pay to us for the room when you come to get to Beijing on April 30 or before April 30.

We suggest all the runners who would live at Jinshan Hotel on April 30 should be arriving in Beijing before 12 o'clock Beijing Time,so you can come to Shenzhou(Beijing)Hotel for the registration and then take the buses to the Jinshanling Great Walls at 2PM.

Thank you very much again from all our hearts to all the worldwide runners for your warmest application every day and for your greatest support every day.

Beijing Hotline:+86-15101680346


Great Wall of China Marathon 2014: 55 days to go!

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