Great Wall of China Marathon 2014


First Runner from Denmark(June 21,2013)

Mr.Hummer applied this evening to run the Great Wall of China Marathon to be held on May 1,2014.

Mr.Hummer is the first runner from Denmark for Great Wall of China Marathon(GWCM)2014.

There have been runners from Denmark and Danish families to the Great Wall of China Marathon since 2010.We Chinese people greatly welcome runners from all over the world,including all runners from Denmark.

Mr.Hummer now lives in Switzerland,and he is making better and better of his race results in the world big marathon races,for example.

3:37, Paris Marathon, April 7th 2013
3:56, Chicago Marathon, October 1st, 2012

However,running the Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1 is not easy.We are very happy to see that Mr.Hummer applied now,and he could have more than 10 months to make his long-term training plan,and we believe he could make a very good result at the Great Wall of China Marathon 2014.

At this moment,we are offering the 50% discount for the worldwide runners to apply to run the Great Wall of China Marathon 2014.So the entry fee/application fee is only 98USD if you apply any time from now till the end of this month June 30,2013.

The 98USD includes:

- the entry fee to Jinshanling Great Wall and the extended Great Walls in Beijing
- the breakfast, lunch on May 1,2014
- the T-shirt
- the number cloth
- the running certificate( trophy and medal), to be awarded on the Great Walls.
- the mobile toilets we set up on the Great Walls and drinks service along your running course.
- Transportation between Shenzhou(Beijing)International Hotel and the Great Walls.
- The wonderful entertainment party on the Great Walls on May 1,2014
- Champion chip service.

If you have anything unclear for Great Wall of China Marathon 2014,pleae feel free to write to us,we will reply you immediately,we work 24 hours a day,7 days a week.

Thank you all very much,all the worldwide runners and your families,for your warmest application and your greatest support every day!

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