Great Wall of China Marathon 2014


The Duanwu Festival in China(June 12,2013)

if you do not have any Chinese friends,and if you totally do not know Chinese culture,and if you have never heard of the two Chinese words"Duanwu",you might not know how important the over 2,000-year old Chinese traditional festival is.

In China,Chinese people begin to have the three-day holiday from June 10 till June 12,2013.And today is the most important day of the Chinese lunar calendar,today is May 5,2013.

The the three-day,all the banks in China stopped the foreign currency business,and if you have made the payment any time from last Thursday till today,we would not receive your fee for the application and,or for the option tours.

This is the late afternoon of June 12,2013 in China,we have now seen many emails and application forms,and we will reply you all today and tomorrow.

This afternoon,the three Chinese astronauts now in the space sent the message and wishing all the Chinese people in Mainland China and Chinese people all over the world a Happy Dunwu Festival.

We also want to extend our best festival Dunwu greetings to all the worldwide runners and all the runners who have run and who have applied to run the Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2014.

Thank you all very much from all our hearts for your warmest application and your greatest support today!


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