Great Wall of China Marathon 2013


This is the Champion,Mr.David Le Lievre(May 18,2013)

At the course explanation meeting on April 30,we explained that this is the first time that we would not use the distance sign boards,for the full marathon runners,she or she must run the two big loops and 4 small loops.

Mr.David le Lievre bacame the first one who came back to the Finish Line with the enough signs on his number cloth.Please see the photo.

Click the photo,you could see the original size,over 4M.

So Mr.David le Lievre from New Zealand became the champion,the No.1 runner for men full marathon at the Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2013.His time is 6:17:31.

The full marathon runners run the 32KM on the Great Walls with more than 20,000 countable stairs.

We feel very excited and very happy when we see the runners,whoever men or women,came back with the enough marks.

Mr.David le Lievre in our eyes is the strongest world runner,we firmly believe he can conquer and complete any marathon race in this world.He is a person who is very quiet but could show his real strength.

In fact,all the runners,no matter you have successfully finished Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2013 or not,you all are the heroes in our hearts.And all your names would be forever and forever remembered by GreatWall of China Marathon.

Next year,we would have more than 1000 runners to run the Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2014,all the runners on May 1,2013 are welcome to run again next year or any year to come.You all are free of charge.And if your friend who are new to Great Wall of China Marathon would like to come to run,either together with you or not,please tell us his name,and he or she or they would enjoy the favourite application fee 98USD only if applying before May 28,2013.

Thank you all very much from all our hearts!


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