Dear Worldwide Runners,With the help of an internet company in Beijing,we will make the LIVE of the Great Wall of China Marathon from the Great Walls on May 1,2014!The race will start from 6AM and finish at  4PM Beijing Time.If you could not come for the race,please apply to watch it LIVE through internet by your computer,desktop,iphone,ipad or other devices.If you run the race,please tell your friends and help your family to apply to watch it,we will film all the runners and interview some of them,and you would also see the medal award ceremony.The fee is 20USD or 120RMB.Thank you very much for your greatest support!                                                                                                        (March 1,2014)


LIVE Watch Application

(Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2014)

1.Your Name
2.Which country/region are you in to watch the race?
3.Your Eamil
4.Do you have friends or family members at the race? Yes No
5.If your answer is Yes,please tell us their names
6.Your Nationality
7.How would you like to make the payment? By Paypal Go to the bank Online Payment in China

Please apply now,and we will make the early arrangement for the LIVE technically.Thank you very much for your cooperation!

LIVE Website:

Beijing Hotline:  +86-15101680346

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