(May 1,2024 at Great Wall in Beijing) 

Application fee:US$250.00 or CNY 1700.00 

Group Discount is available.Thank you all very much!

1. The Marathon Item You Will Attend Full Half 10KM 5KM
2. Given Name/Surname
3. Gender Male Female
4. Birthday(M/D/Y)
5. Mailing Address(Street/City/State/Province/Country/Postcode)
6. Phone
7. Fax
8. Email
9. The Marathon You Have Ever Attended(Best Result,Item,Name of the Marathon,Date)
10. Your T-shirt Size
11. Your Website(HP,Blog,FB or Twitter.etc.)
12. Comment( or please notify your nationality)


The application/registration fee US$250.00 includes
- the venue fee to the Great Wall in Beijing
- the light breakfast, light lunch on May 1st,2024
- the T-shirt
- the number cloth
- the running certificate( trophy and medal), to be awarded on the Great Walls.
- the mobile toilets we set up on the Great Walls and drinks service along your running course.
- Transportation between  Mercure Hotel Beijing Zhongguancun  and the Great Wall.
- The wonderful entertainment party on the Great Walls on May 1st,2024.

Payment can be made to any of our accounts below:

1)Email Paypal Account at

2)WeChat Account at  greatwallmarathon

3)Bank account at Bank of China in Beijing.


When you finish making the payment to any of our above accounts, please take a photo of your payment receipt, and send it to us by email :

Then we will send the confirmation letter and the receipt to you.We are working 24 hours every day for you and all the worldwide runners.Thank you so much!

Declaration: By signing up this application I accept that my participation in the <2024 Great Wall of China Marathon> is at my own responsibility and own risk in any respect. I accept that I cannot claim any kind of damages, indemnification or any other compensation for personal injury, damage to property or any other loss, prior to, during or after the race, from the Organizer of the Great Wall of China Marathon, or its sponsors and/or agents. I am also aware that due to the nature of the activity, I am obliged to take a medical check and arrange adequate and appropriate personal insurance coverage at my own expense. I also agree that the Organizer of the Great Wall of China Marathon is authorized to use my pictures/video and name for the promotion of the event.


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